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"INERTE EXPRESS" LTD was created in September 2007 with based inValias; meanwhile the production and distribution of inert started in July 2007 and has been operating simultaneously in three places, in Fushë - Mëzez,Valias and Borizan in Kruja; where working for Removal of raw materials for the production of quarryproducts.

Sales of manufactured products generally made on the basis of contracts for several years; associated with large companies concrete lines as: "Alba-Beton", "Edil.AL.IT", "Euro-Beton-2005", "Romario", "AL-GI", "Alb -Adriatik","Riviera". With societiesthat ventures construction works such as "Demetrius Manxhari", "COTONI Center", "Kurti - 07", "Trebeshina ltd", "Pavel Construksion". And small clients that sell quarry products and for private clients/families.

Currently the company is conducting a subcontractor activity with "COPRI actor" in the highway Tirana - Elbasan by supplying stabilizers and performing excavation works and transport, in considerable values.

Currently the business has has expanded by opening a new company that has as its object Electricity. “POWER TRADE ALBANIA” society is a limited liability company, its scope is in manufacturing, trading, distribution in import/export of electricity.

This company is licensed by the ERE (Energy Regulatory Authority) for the trading of electricity and provides all the services necessary for the operation of transmission and distribution system.


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